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almost one in a hundred people in russia are diag no state hiv positive but. despite a year of increased efforts to tackle the spread of the virus the country is on course to see annual infections pass one hundred thousand again which accounts for almost two thirds of all infections and europe and central asia. world aids day so quite a few depressing headlines in russian like russia is losing the war on. in most countries around the world the number of new cases of hiv is going down the sad truth is here it's going up i went to see the country's top hiv prevention researcher to find out what was going wrong. i'm about to enter a lab where the staff work with samples from people diagnosed with
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a child and who say there is no defeating the virus without their work. the. government will go for quite a long time in five years not nearly enough attention has been paid to the issue of h r v aids there has not been enough funding the war and h.i.v. requires decisive action without it's this academic told me the virus spreads far beyond the two main so-called risk groups drug users and men who have sex with men . from. oh we've lost time that's for sure while health authorities were losing time people known as aids deny lists wasted none online spreading fake h.i.i. the news of the on russian social networks in blogs and elsewhere
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online aides to nihilists are clearly ahead of us and that's really dangerous if you refuse therapy an early death is guaranteed we started looking for denial lists who were willing to share their thoughts with us finding their social network communities which of thousands of members was easy but arranging an interview required over a week finally one woman who used to refuse therapy a choice that almost cost her her life agreed to talk on condition of anonymity. she asked to be called yelena the x. aids denial list struggled to maintain her composure as she recalled how she was diagnosed with hiv. you're going to go to my new. you know share your stiffness so not those things don't always or you petition the course upshot is just going to be sure. to continue to even as initial treatment
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had put her health back on track until she met a man who introduced her to the online world of aids denial the d.m. eventually convinced her to give up hiv treatment her desire to get rid of the stigma prevailed over common sense. when you might. not see just the open you can visit with mr sarkozy chop an onion or there's a. good mom and a couple of years later after wild ups and downs and health she did just that with a form of cancer and the up north but it's to do you know tinsel number. one hundred yards up in your place you most of all presidents were pretty last. years stop it is a foursome choice. and vocal one of the most important known players now new prof who took on the persona. knock. up was
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after several rounds of surgery chemotherapy and renewed hiv treatment in a managed to survive unbelievably she was then bullied online by the denial lists for taking medicine again but says she can put all that behind her hoping that in a country with a worsening hiv problem her story could help others avoid fatal mistakes. r t. and israeli politicians been filmed hurling abuse at palestinians travelling from gaza to visit relatives held in jails in israel. but it. can't be it will. surely be for that video was filmed the m.p. or and has and tweeted a photo of himself with an israeli flag saying he'd come to confront the families of what he described as animals he claims he was trying to garner support for
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a new bill that would prevent palestinian families from visiting prisoners in israel israeli parliament's media services declined to comment thus far now oren has and is certainly no stranger to publicity stunts a member of promise to believe in yahoo's likud party as runs first gained notoriety with a godfather style political ad he also tried to discredit a left wing ngo by creating a false identity in order to provide made up testimony and he wants threatened to to execute the family of an alleged palestinian criminal in a facebook video on the red cross that was a scolding a bus from gaza to the israeli prisons rounded on the israeli authorities for a start for failing to prevent the incident the first place the charity said it was the judy of officials to ensure family safety during visits. protecting human dignity as a human here and you're going to say that is extremely important last so people being treated this way being insulted one of the masses that we provided to them to be able to go on to visit their families is something that is acceptable because
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there were elderly are there were children and there were lots of women on that last so that is why we call on the israeli authorities still help us are helpless assure that. the happen in the future. human rights organizations have expressed their concerns before over the plight of palestinian prisoners held in israel the prisoner support and human rights association says the recurring the six thousand one hundred fifty four palestinian detainees among them are five hundred twenty five serving a life sentence for two hundred eleven or under the age of eighteen and just international told us the policy of holding people who were arrested in palestinian territories in israeli prisons bridges the geneva convention to pass three moscow time high the folks watching us today covered up his ear is demanding an apology from the united arab emirates of the band choosing women from boarding flights over fears of terrorism.
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president donald trump's two thousand and seventeen national security strategy report tells us how he sees the world or rather how the washington foreign policy leads to clearly washington are running the show.
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the north african country of choosing is demanding an apology from the united arab emirates itself of the country's emirates airlines prevented female from boarding flights to the u.a.e. last friday so i think at the time the threat of terrorism on its move this caused widespread anger to. i just i'm sure to believe me when i go to a country that want to accept me if that's the case and i should also be opposed visas on the united arab emirates. for what i know. these operations are a farce preventing an arab from visiting arab countries is unacceptable when we see the westerners go. from country to country freely than most. state must defend the
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rights of tinnies in women and force the u.s. to apologize. that was lifted the same day the pastor was the gulf states foreign minister lated tweeted that the u.a.e. respects and values to museum women are doing that they want to avoid any misunderstanding as they put it but that wasn't enough for tunisia retaliated by banning all emirates flights from landing in its airports this week for instance was posted by the airline shortly afterwards telling customers that flights were suspended indefinitely we talked to a blogger and activist who said the u.s. move was insulting on many levels become said or that what happened is violation of tunisian women rights but it's a violation of women rights and general the spokesperson for the national presidency talk about security problems but this doesn't justify what happened if
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a small female babies were not allowed to go on planes i don't think that a toddler is. present down injures the tunisian government is still asking for official apology and it happened under the pressure of people here in tunisia. you know it's all of a season each coach should put his own stamp on making this time be a special a so for the african-american community there's a relatively new festival to notice kwanzaa although its origins are a bit unusual as cullum open explains the holiday season in the usa is rather intense there's lots of shopping lots of t.v. specials now with christmas festivities still underway americans are waking up to find donald trump sending out greetings for yet another holiday today marks the first day of kwanzaa a week long celebration of african-american heritage and culture that's a celebrate the richness of the post and look toward a brighter future never heard of kwanzaa don't worry you're not alone according to
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a survey taken in the last three years this holiday season is the african-american christmas is actually only celebrated by less than three percent of african-americans do you celebrate kwanzaa no i don't celebrate kwanzaa i don't sort of kind of. i try not to get too involved with so much hype of all these different festivities you know anything about the history is it something you identify with i really don't. i haven't really been exposed to much about clones that i actually don't think too much about it i grew up celebrating christmas the thing about donald trump sending out a statement for kwanzaa you know today a lot of stuff that he does is pretty hypocritical so. that he does it surprise me now kwanzaa has been around for quite a long time it's been endorsed by many presidents including george w. bush and barack obama the media covers it quite extensively this time of year kids are static at the start of kwanzaa why is that a holiday that millions of people around the world hold dear
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a secular celebration to honor african-american and pan african heritage and values all week long holiday that inspires african-americans to take pride in their cultural roots and reinforce principles to live by see it in a number of places whether it's m s n b c where. it's the new york times whether it's the l.a. times there's funny coverage of this event as if it's a real event more coverage i would dare say is given to kwanzaa considering how few in here it's there are then even christmas and hanukkah so what is kwanzaa what is it all about well the holiday was started back in one nine hundred sixty six by dr melodic harang he is a black nationalist and he felt like the holiday would strengthen the african-american community and resist the white majority i wanted to give black people a holiday of their own so i came up with kwanzaa i said it was african because you
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know black people in this country wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was american now just five years after he came up with kwanzaa kurang i actually went to prison for torturing two of his female followers now in the media generally chooses to ignore his jail term and his nationalist views when they do coverage of the holiday and they also still invite him on to talk about it however at this point we've learned that not everyone in the african-american community is a big fan of kwanzaa there is no holiday in the on the continent of africa associated with this set of events this is all made up by a person who when the radicals in the nineteen sixty's the black panthers were operating thought he was too radical for them and he wasn't able to be a part of what they were doing and he helped put this forward as a way of distinguishing himself and trying to build
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a greater following african-americans have a diverse and rich history but kwanzaa seems to have very little to do with it many african-americans don't see a need to celebrate what they consider to be an artificial holiday kaleb mop an artsy new york. whether it's kwanzaa a christmas that everyone's going to chance to get to be stuck in the festivities the french president surprised his ministers but demanding that i may have to be on standby no not ventured too far from paris during the holidays is still going down to zero with some of them.
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it work never goes away does it help you having elections before i go let's just check out what's happening and keep an eye on the ongoing situation in the moscow a confectionery factory where a direct is killed an on site security guard earlier on seems he's still on the loose police aren't entirely sure where he is they think he's in that complex story it's r.t. dot com it's our site cover no one used twenty four seventh's rather for me kevin oh and thanks for watching our next live update in thirty.
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apply for many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness of spending suited to twenty million. books it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy but great so what chance with. the base it's going to.
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los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing and nowhere to go. you know having some like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution your curve to someone monitoring the site otherwise it will be a free for all there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. lately
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. greetings and salutations. in order for us to better understand the present and even predict the future one must study the past history can be taught or learned and regurgitated through memorization but to truly understand history it must be felt in one's heart and soul but where can one find the heart and soul of history. music and if you're searching for the heart and soul of the unwritten history of the united states the the people's history if you will you will find it in the notes chords lyrics and passion of the blues jazz band joe and ragtime of an early america finding its way into the twentieth century. born from the men and women on whose backs these united states were built on these are the precursors to the rock
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n roll hip hop and country music of today so let's let us peer into the beating heart of the real history of the united states as watching the hawks strikes a chord. if you want to know what's go with no things. at the back rail that you dislike to analyze it it would have modified it if you speak. with a day like it or not i got to visit with the believe. that this will be the world poker you know. when. we get over. to start.
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in the old. play this person they told. there's a. sleeve inside last night here and now i'm. going to change about the place. i do not hear them singing. this old dog and the little boy.
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was a happy time the main was. as you say. going out with a little band but i do not blame him. he's all of us in the cold . but inside. the old dog and the little.
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the fix. to the mean time changes comes in the way. of trying to be. in the. so tell me what was the first moment your life or your you truly found your passion for music. well i discovered my passion for old time music like after high school when i had been playing saxophone from the age of five until
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freshman year i started playing cello and bass in high school and i went to a math and science engineering school and was like really i'm enjoying music like i'm going to take a year off from college and and in that year is when i discovered country blues and was like ok i think i want to play music i think that's what it is for me and. it was like hearing skip james for the first time and thinking how otherworldly it was and not yet having any of the historical or social contacts yet but just like enjoying the music. and so that was like my my entry into the world of music bombed them and all that kind of stuff. and it's sort of like inherent with old time music is is learning and learning history you know like you know it's not like pop music where all the references are easily available and right there for you so i just learned more about the music and sort of the learn. about the banjo being
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a black and about you know what really happened after slavery and how that contributed to our growth in music and. you know train lines and jim crow and you start learning about all these things and the songs are having heated meetings and other meanings and. and so that just entrenched me in the music more and more what led you to the banjo and tell me a little bit about how with the banjo it's a black man because i don't think very many people know that history because i think most people if sam you now. have had a nickel for a number of times you will ask him to play that yeah. so that you know his or the banjos you have slaves coming from you know africa mostly west africa cetera and they they either bring with the instruments like the a contango and other you know gourd instruments with a skin stretched over it with strings or when they come here they end up making replicas of it. and so. slaves are creating the instruments are these
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amalgamations of you know their string instruments in the creating the banjo and it becomes known as a black instrument as a slave instrument for whatever one hundred years or something like that why people don't touch it and it's like you know if you can find old texts of like oh i can hear the banjo melodies coming from the plantations at night or remember singing old article saying like oh you know the first holy american music is being made on the plantations right. we're slaves you know or playing by land and are learning songs to entertain the masters and their friends but they're also you know combining it with their own thing. and what is that thing that thing is your patient you know that drone string that you see me playing that fifth string that i never fret. that's that's africa that's black people is that you know you have john philip sousa. we come along and we're like no if you know if we change it and that becomes kind of what american music you know grows into so the banjo is
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a black instrument for a hundred years white people start getting into it. and of course they do it in the most are not of course rewind three to one. but you know they start doing it and in a very racist way which is black face see you know part of it is you know an appreciation of the music and these early michel songs you find you know you know there's like this is a real negro song like learned from a real black person like you know at the end of shows sometimes they'd wipe off the makeup like surprise we're not black you know but it was you know appreciation for this music and it was while most popular form of american music for ages generations because of that think a patient it was like rock and roll back then you know but it's all based on. you know the black experience and black music so learning that fact really got me into the banjo made me want to be a part of it and i would hear like clarence actually or uncle dave make in. you
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know whatever recordings and be like i don't know what they're doing i don't get it at all and when i learned that fact of the banjo being a black and she was like i want to pick up a banjo and then someone threw one in my hands taught me how to claw hammer and i it clicked so like i picked it up immediately in the banjo and me for life you know as we go to break clock watcher don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered and if you would like to learn more about the artist that was featured on the show today check us out on facebook and twitter and you tube and see our poll shows at our t.v. dot com coming up we go. deeper into the heart and soul of american music as watching the hawks strikes a chord. leaves a. small
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room good i'm. stupid to even. youse nose to. the so in the form polish toso. in two thousand and sixteen in the panama papers showing the world with a tax haven the secrets to trillion united states dollars passed through most. in
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the amount of time that we've been in the panama papers exposure that's what it shows a lot of money it really is. journalism that's an act of journalism looking at things that people want to keep secret and asking why would they want to keep these things secret. millions of most like from psycho don't you months where examine. all the people we basically have tried to get an advantage out of this sort of war newspaper. and probably other politician which was attacking the police. the media were quick to find targets such as the kings of morocco in saudi arabia the president of argentina several prime ministers. and russian president vladimir putin of course. oh my god i've had so i have sued so many newspapers for defamation some things don't just happen by chance it was very
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striking there were no one america especially a lot of people from the brics countries specially brazil russia and china that their special project reveals what was missed in the media coverage. the panama chronicles. come to call russia no one's ever no one has ever heard of and never even heard about most.


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